Advanced digital marketing made easy

Store your customer database, create and send beautiful communications, automate your interactions, see real time reports and more. TalkBox makes you look good and brings more customers to your business.

Multi-channel communication

Compose your masterpiece once and send it through many channels, including email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

Automated marketing

Create marketing campaigns that send by themselves, such as birthday messages, monthly specials or communications triggered by external events like purchases.


Create and send scannable vouchers. Redeem them with the TalkBox companion mobile app. See how your vouchers are tracking with voucher reports.

Data Integration with Pipeline

Connect your systems with us and sync your own data with TalkBox. Use TalkBox as the marketing front-end for the customer data you already have.

Data Analysis with Enlight

Identify customer segments in your raw data and tag them in TalkBox for your marketing campaigns. Influence your big spenders, your low spenders or any group that will respond to targeted communications.

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Enlight is our Data Analysis engine, it takes raw business data and transforms it into information that's meaningful and useful for your business. For example, Enlight can process the behavour of contacts in loyalty or POS systems and categorise them into groups for marketing such as 'VIPs' or 'win-back targets'. With sophisticated capabilities such as cluster identification and predictive analytics Enlight helps you get the most out of your data.

Drag-and-drop editor

Design your marketing campaign without touching a line of code. Upload images, format text and drag and resize blocks in our easy-to-use editor.


Use the REST API to write your own code and control your TalkBox account remotely. Manage contacts, send communications and more using your own external logic.
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Custom templates

We’ll create a custom templates for you with your own branding and style preferences.

Head Office

Head Office is a companion application that connects to and controls many TalkBox accounts. Designed for groups who want to do centralised marketing and to see what their sites are doing. Think of it as mission control for a fleet of TalkBox accounts.

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Head Office is for groups of businesses such as franchise groups and chains that want to do both site level and group level marketing. Users of Head Office can:

  • Send communications via many TalkBox accounts from one place.
  • Log in to any TalkBox account with one click.
  • Publish templates to their TalkBox accounts.
  • Manage other Head Office users and control account access.
  • Publish and manage automated communications in their TalkBox accounts.
  • See activity across the group such as database growth and marketing activity.

Phone support

If you need help with anything just call one of our offices. We’re real humans and we won’t charge you for support.


TalkBox$99 per month*
SMSFrom 7.5c per message
EmailFREE and unlimited

* Up to 25,000 contacts then $4 for each additional 1,000.


TalkBox is available in industry specific editions. These editions have additional capabilities such
as advanced automated marketing made possible by accessing business data from external systems.

Bring your customers back with automated messages based on their individual behaviour


Use membership and booking data to get more members and stay connected with the ones you have


Access your booking data to drive room upgrades, stay extensions and more


Happy Customers

TalkBox is a perfect, cheap and efficient medium to reach our VIP members of our venue. We can target directly to the appropriate patrons through SMS and email. A great method to collate specific likes and interests from our patrons and ensure we are hitting the right markets.

— Stuart McPherson,
Brighton Metro Hotel

I've worked with the team at Impact Data for around 7 years now and set up at least 25 venues with their database management services. From Contact Direct to the new TalkBox application, I can truly say that Impact Data are the best in the business. The product is great and the support is always there when you need it. Congratulations on your new TalkBox application; I can't wait to see what's next...

— Melissa McGroder,
My Marketing Department

Impact Data has given us the capability to schedule communications for national campaigns on our franchisees’ behalf, while still giving them complete control over their local area marketing. The system is able to segment our various audiences, allowing us to communicate specific, personalised messages to our present, past and future members.

— Melanie Katz,
Fernwood Fitness