Connect with your audience and drive sales.

TalkBox is a powerful digital marketing app built to save time and increase profit.

Use your data to create targeted, personalised communications based on customer behaviour and get results – automatically.

    The TalkBox application is a powerful tool, but easy to use.

  • Compelling campaigns, simply made
    With our email editing tool, it's as easy as drag and drop.
  • Save time and reuse
    Sections give the ability to create a chunk of content and save it to use over and over.
  • Bring hands-free marketing to life
    Use our new journeys feature to welcome, win back, or build customer spend, and drive increased value for your business.
  • Easy channel selection
    Target your audience with email, SMS, or both in the same workflow.
  • Drive business automatically
    Powerful automated communications at your fingertips.
  • Knowledge is power
    Find out what your customers think with a built-in Net Promoter Score.
  • Reward, incentivise, profit
    Use vouchers to encourage visits, surprise, and delight. Vouchers can be integrated with leading POS and kiosks for maximum flexibility.
  • Take control
    Understand engagement and track return on investment with comprehensive reporting.

Measure success with the TalkBox scanner app

Vouchers are a key tool used in customer incentive and retention programs.

The TalkBox vouchers, with key features like happy hour vouchers and reminder messages is supported by the TalkBox scanner app, allowing a voucher to be sent by email or SMS and ensure that it's only used once.

Simply download the app from the Apple or Google store and scan vouchers to redeem.