Intelligent staff rostering

Build rosters based on your sales data, communicate shifts via SMS, email and online, track actual hours worked and export to payroll.

Visual Roster Builder

Build rosters with our visual roster builder. See the cost as you go and avoid rostering errors with shift warnings.

Sales Forecasting

See half hourly sales projections based on your historical sales data when building your roster. Create rosters with a real insight into your staff requirements or allow SmartShift to suggest shifts for you.

Multi-channel communication

Send shifts to your staff by SMS, email and the web.

Staff Portal

Your staff can manage their availability and submit leave requests using our staff portal. Spend less time on the phone organising your staff.

Time and attendance

Log actual staff attendance with pin code check-in. Reconcile attendance data with your planned roster.

Payroll Integration

Export your actual attendance data for your payroll system.