An Impact Data Package is a combination of science, data, marketing, design and support to deliver a carefully constructed solution that will drive your business.

We have used our extensive experience to identify what types of campaigns drive key verticals, we then built a package for clients in that industry to automate the delivery by connecting and transforming their data. Our aim to free them up to get on with business.

We help you unlock the value of the data that you already collect everyday, create beautiful marketing campaigns that require no ongoing effort from you or your team.

The process of developing an Impact Data industry package is:

  • Understand where data is available
  • Review the data and identify drivers of customer behaviour
  • Segment the customers
  • Develop appropriate promotions for the segments
  • Apply the offers in automated communications
  • Track the results.

This recipe can be applied across any industry and we have a number of pre-configured packages that are ready to be rolled out in your business today. All you need to do is let us know the sources of data you have, determine the offers for your members, send us some assets and let us do the rest.

You can then rest assured that your automated communications plan is helping to drive your business every day.

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