TalkBox Clubs Edition makes TalkBox a powerful automated marketing system for attracting more business to your club with no ongoing marketing effort.

Clubs Edition connects to your POS and gaming systems and reads in behavioural data such as visit and purchase histories. It uses this data to predict the future behaviour of your customers and influence changes in their behaviour with strategic offers. It's a 'set and forget' system designed to boost your revenue by bringing your customers in more often.


Preemptive Visit Reminders

Bring your loyal customers back sooner with automated communications sent 30 days before they are expected to visit next.

Overdue Visit Reminder

Automated communications sent to customers 30 days after they are expected to visit next. Encourage your customers to reconnect with the club when their visit frequency drops.

Low Spend Trigger

Set up an automated communication triggered by a reduction in a customers average quarterly spend.

Lost Member Retrieval

Reach out to customers who have gone missing. Automatically send an offer to customers who haven't been seen in 12 months.

Birthday and Wedding Anniversary offers

Send offers designed for couples or larger groups, target special occasions such as 21st birthdays or milestone wedding anniversaries.

Star Rating

We calculate a Star Rating for each member. This is a combination of average revenue and time since last visit. Think of it as a member loyalty rating system based on behaviour.

Diamond List Email

Give your big spenders special attention when they're in your club. TalkBox will email you a list of your biggest spenders and their favourite food and beverage items. It's a cheat sheet for exceptional customer service where it matters most.

Feedback Surveys

TalkBox can run a customer feedback survey for you. Based on the NPS system we ask customers if they would recommend your club. Happy customers are then encouraged to publicly share their views on social media. Club management is notified of poor reviews for appropriate handling.

Loyalty Points

Each member's loyalty points balance will be available in TalkBox. These can be merged into any communication or used for reference in the TalkBox interface.

Target Day

Clubs Edition identifies a target weekday for each member. This is the day that they visit the club the least and is useful for influencing a change in behaviour. Create vouchers for that day only and bring your customers in when they usually don't visit.